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Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Course with Narelle Monteleone

Awakening Your Intuitive Abilities Course

Are you ready to discover more about your natural abilities? Everyone is Psychic and the more we access our intuition and trust the guidance available to us, the more we are in flow with the Universe and living a more soul led life. 

Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Course

will take you on a journey of discovering your true self. Practices that raise your vibe, clear your energetic clutter and bring you into balance providing space for connection with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and the Universe.

You will work at your own pace and be supported via Online Live Zoom Calls to practice, to ask questions and to share your experiences

What's Included?

  • Online format to work through at your own pace 


  • 'Awakening your Intuitive Abilities' Ebook

  • Video, Audio and Written Content 

  • FB Group for Ongoing Support 

  • 3 Live Calls with Narelle via Zoom  


Your Investment

Narelle Monteleone Energy Healer
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