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Narelle Monteleone Online Courses
Narelle Monteleone Courses in Spiritual Development


We each reach a pivotal moment in our lives, or many actually where we feel the call for change. A change that our soul is yearning for and that we may not recognise but we know we must listen. When we make the decision to act upon facilitating this change, the Universe will support us by bringing us the experiences, the people, the places, the teachings and doors to step through that we need for our soul's growth and transformation.


'When the student is ready the teacher will appear'

I see myself first and foremost as a Teacher, here to support and guide you on your journey through a mystical and magical trajectory of accessing your inner mystic and unlocking your innate abilities as you move through the layers that once shed will reveal all that you desire. 

We are each here for a purpose and have something unique to share with the world. Through my Courses it is my hope that you will tap into all that you are, create a foundation that will serve you well both now and throughout your life's journey and that you will be curious enough and committed to keep asking questions, to keep learning and to most of all trust your own inner guidance above all else. 

My Courses are intuitively guided, channeled and presented to you in an easy to follow, online format making them easily accessible, self paced with lifetime access. There will be Live Online Zoom Sessions as part of Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Course and Living Your Purpose Courses. Shorter Courses are coming soon and will be available in my Online Store Earthly Energies.

Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Online Course with Narelle Monteleone

Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Course

Living your Purpose - Manifesting through Energetic Alignment Course with Narelle Monteleone

Living your Purpose

Manifesting through Energetic Alignment

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