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By Narelle Monteleone

There are times when I am desperate to unplug and hibernate from the world. It becomes a necessity every so often, usually after being around alot of people.

I know when it's time for me to retreat because in the words of the glamorous Hollywood Actress Greta Garbo - 'I want to be alone'! If you too feel the need to take an energetic break from the world from time to time it's likely you are an Empath.

That means, you take on the feelings and emotions of others, and possibly pain in your physical body which relates to an ailment someone else has. This can be confusing, wondering why out of the blue you feel so sad, but once you become aware of this ability, and it is a positive ability, you are more attuned to knowing when it is your feeling, or that of another person. You suddenly think back to a conversation you had with someone earlier who was feeling unhappy, then all makes sense. You have probably been referred to as overly sensitive throughout your life and made to feel that it is a negative trait that you need to rectify. The reason I refer to being an Empath or Sensitive as an ability is because it allows you to read the energy of a room, of other people, of situations that may otherwise go un-noticed. This ability is a gift that can help others, and it enables you to be a very good healer. You are a born healer. It also keeps you safe as you will know when things don't feel quite right. Feeling other people's emotions can be tiring and unless we shield our energy, it can be extremely difficult not to become drained and exhausted. There are so many things to consider when we are talking about what can be taxing on our energy. Firstly, our immediate environment - our home, our car, our workplace should be a place of high vibrational energy. We can alter energy so there are numerous ways to ensure we are surrounded by positive energy within our space.

Below are some ideas:

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Music

  • Candles

  • Diffuse Essential Oils

  • Crystals

  • Plants

  • Clean Space

  • De-cluttered space

  • Smudging

Bring nature indoors through flowers and plants, even herbs to uplift and bring the element of Earth into your space. Music raises the vibration and you can use certain crystals based on their metaphysical properties to change the energy within the space. Rose Quartz promotes a loving environment, Citrine creates abundance, Amethyst absorbs negativity and Clear Quartz is an amplifier of energy and the Master Healer. Use candles or a Diffuser to create an uplifting aroma through the use of Essential Oils and Herbs. Candles as they have a flame represent the element of Fire, A water feature or pond represents the element of water and a few small feathers added represents the element of air. And...if you are familiar with the phrase 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' then it makes sense that a clean, uncluttered space is necessary for a high vibe environment. You can also use symbols such as Reiki Symbols if you are attuned to Reiki to uplift and clear a space.

Now that your space is all set up, it's important that you, yourself are energetically shielded and in a high vibrational energy. How do we do that? Each day Grounding is essential as is bringing light into your field. Surrounding yourself in a bubble of light is the most important thing you can do as that is your barrier between you and everyone and everything else. If you do nothing else, make sure you do this. Wearing crystals is also very effective as there are crystals that ground you and protect your energy eg. Black tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian, Onyx etc. Imagine yourself as a sponge and you absorbing everything you come into contact with. To avoid that happening, you need a buffer and a bubble of high vibrational loving light surrounding you is key.

What you should limit:

  • Too much time on Social Media

  • Too much time on any Electrical Device which emits EMF as it is harmful to our health

  • Anything or anyone that drains your energy

  • Alcohol

  • Too much processed foods

  • Putting yourself in situations that you know will exhaust you

Of course we cannot hide away from the world all the time because we are here to live and to fulfill our purpose or mission so we have to be a part of Society. We are here to serve and to help uplift the vibration of this planet so never the leaving the house really isn't an option. So how do we create balance? We learn how to work with energy so that we are more in control of it, rather than it controlling us. We avoid situations that we know are going to deplete us if at all possible and we learn to put ourselves first, to stop people pleasing and to set boundaries so that we are doing what is best for us. Nobody knows us better than we do, so we need to put in place what is for our highest good.

Don't apologise for needing time out and to be alone now and then. It's something everyone should do for their own well-being. Taking time out gives you the space needed away from everything and everyone to take a breath, to think, to contemplate your next steps, to plan, to create. This hiatus enables you to recharge and refocus your priorities and to be clearer about what it is you desire.

Ways to take time out:

  • Let people know you're not available for a few days

  • Turn your phone off and only pick up if it's urgent

  • Don't use Social Media

  • Take a road trip somewhere you've never been before

  • Get into nature - go hiking in the mountains or head to the beach

  • Stay in a Hotel for a couple of nights

  • Go on a Retreat

  • Stay home and relax

  • Write a list of all the things you've been wanting to do - recreational only and choose a couple to tick off your list

  • Meditate and set the intention to visit a place in your meditation that you would love to visit if you're unable to at this time in person. eg. Visualise yourself at the Pyramids.

  • Read

  • Do a vision quest


Narelle x

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