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The Language of Light

By Narelle Monteleone ~ Earthly Energies

What exactly is Light Language?

Light Language is a beautiful stream of frequencies that come from the heart space as we expand it and become open to receiving these codes of light. Light Language may be expressed as mudras, hand movements, dance, spoken word, singing, tones, drawing, artistic expression and is healing and activating as it shifts energy and activates the DNA.

Light Language is something so special and beautiful that we all have access to and which is also very powerful.

Light Language has been a wonderful teacher for me as it is not to be understood on a conscious level but is recognised and interpreted on a soul level. The teachings for me have been to allow without needing to understand, to be receptive, to surrender and to trust that what is needed will be received by each person open to the codes.

The amazing thing about Light Language is that simply listening to it can activate your own Light Language and with some practice you will easily start speaking or expressing it yourself in whatever way is right for you. The more you practice, the more it flows and you may begin to notice new frequencies emerging. From my perspective it is coming from the heart space and as everything we need is within us, so too are the frequencies we are expressing. The various types of light language however, will be connected to various beings, star systems etc. For example, one of my first experiences with Light Language was a very earthy native style language, then it was Arcturian. As I spoke it more and more and became more comfortable with doing so, I have brought forward Andromedan and Elemental Light Language among others.

There are so many different types of LL that you might bring through so don't ever limit yourself by thinking you can only do what someone else does and this rings true with everything in life. As humans we tend to label everything and put everything into neat and tidy compartments. The spiritual journey cannot be compartmentalised as it is such an individual experience for each of us and quite complex. The Starseed awakening requires us to surrender even more as we are now seeing ourselves as the multi-dimensional beings that we truly are. Know that you being here on Earth at this time means that you are so much more than you could ever imagine and that you are limitless. When you begin to integrate this knowledge, it puts life into perspective as we gain more understanding of how we create our own reality. We are experiencing so much change on Earth right now and we are being supported by our star families and all beings of love who serve the light. You are more than you know, you are infinite, you are powerful, you are love.

If you are interested in learning more about Light Language then listening to it is a really good starting point. Listening to it is very activating and take note of how you feel when you listen - does it feel familiar to you? Some will resonate more than others. For the Starseeds, you may recognise your Star origins through this language by what feels familiar or stirs up an emotional response. Starseeds that have incarnated on multiple planets may resonate with multiple languages, so don't limit yourself to thinking only one will feel familiar. As previously discussed, you do not need to have any understanding of what it means, or what is being spoken, drawn or expressed in whatever way it is. There may be times when you understand what it is for or you may get a glimpse into what activation you need for a certain person etc but it is unlikely you will understand word for word what is being said. Some people do but it's more uncommon than not.

It is a real lesson in surrendering and trusting that what needs to happen will happen. LL shifts energy quite rapidly in comparison to other forms of energy healing so it's important to rest afterwards if necessary and to drink water to assist the process. You may feel tired or it might bring some things to the surface that you have been pushing away to be acknowledged.

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