And into the forest I go, To lose my mind and find my soul 


~ John Muir

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"The Only Impossible Journey is the One you Never Begin"  

Tony Robbins

I am passionate about helping you to live your best life by assisting you to heal what may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, being happy and fulfilled. 


We all face challenges, and how we approach these challenges can make all the difference in the effect it has upon us. Looking at a situation from the perspective of "What is this trying to teach me?" rather than "Why is this happening to me?" is key to moving through it. We are here to learn and evolve and part of that is learning life lessons. There are extremely traumatic events that turn life upside, and taking steps to work through the trauma and grief is essential to our health and well-being.  


Healing ourselves is a responsibility we all need to take ownership of, in order to be who we came here to be. If we experience trauma, grief, or negative relationships, and do not take steps to heal from them, we then carry that with us through to the next phase of our lives. Maybe you are someone who finds themselves wondering why they keep experiencing the same challenges. You may notice you are having the same relationship over and over again, only with a different person each time.  If you see patterns like this within your life, it is likely you did not learn the lesson that relationship was teaching you the first time, so similar people and experiences are placed on your path to teach you what it is you need to learn from it, until you 'get it'! To avoid repeating this over and over again, it's important to heal ourselves. How? Knowing you are worthy of love and happiness, releasing the past and anything that no longer serves your highest good, knowing you are capable of so much more than you realise, loving yourself, forgiving yourself and others, and creating space just for you on a regular basis to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Stress and Anxiety are so prevalent in society right now, not surprisingly with so much external pressure to present ourselves in a certain way - to live up to other's expectations of who they feel we should be when in fact, it is up to each of us how we wish to live our lives. We have all experienced stress, however there are times when Stress & Anxiety can be debilitating. Meditation and Reiki are very effective for reducing Stress and Anxiety as is Massage and great for overall healing. Holistic Counselling is beneficial for finding strategies to work through whatever is out of balance in your life. 

A Spiritual Awakening can occur at anytime of life. It can be triggered through a trauma, death of a loved one, childbirth, or any number of events that have a significant impact on us. This can be a very confusing time as life as you know it changes dramatically and your belief systems are altered, as you begin to look at life from a different perspective. Whatever is not in alignment with this new version of 'you' either falls away naturally or you may feel that you need to make the changes for yourself. This could be relationships, where you live, your career etc. This is the beginning of a new learning experience, learning about who you truly are, going within to seek guidance and a remembering of why you came here and what you life purpose is. This can take a lifetime or a few months, it really is such an individual experience. As you begin to change, so too does your energy, which means your vibration is raised and as such you will attract whatever resonates at that same level of vibration. It is a time of growth and transformation as you expand your consciousness. If you would like to learn more (checkout my Blog -  'Awaken Your Intuition')

Services available are: 


  • Holistic Counselling Sessions 

  • Meditation Sessions 

  • Reiki (both in person and distance Reiki) 

  • Seichim (Sekhem)

  • Crystal Healing Sessions 

  • Women's Aromatherapy Massage

  • Reiki Massage

  • Beginner Intuitive Development Sessions

  • Card Readings via Email


I also offer combination packages of Meditation & Massage, Reiki & Seichim, Meditation & Reiki


If you would like to Book a Session with me click here.





Meditation is wonderful for reducing stress and anxiety and for overall health and well-being. It can dramatically change your life and as you begin to feel more positive and uplifted, so too will those around you as they are reacting to your energy.

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