"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin ~ Tony Robbins

It is my passion to assist you in moving through your current circumstances and to release what is holding you back. Throughout our lives, the experiences we have shape us, and we can be left with Stress and Anxiety or Trauma from the more challenging ones. These challenges assist us to grow and at times we do need to experience them in order to evolve, however holding onto the past is not beneficial and can create imbalance. We are here to grow, to thrive and to live a joyful life. Change is inevitable and is part of the learning process we each go through. We are each affected by circumstances to varying degrees so what may feel minor to one person, may be extremely difficult for another. 


Healing ourselves is part of the journey and maintaining balance is key to bringing ourselves into alignment with the life we envision. Our belief system dictates the experiences we have as our thoughts emit a particular vibration. Through that vibration, experiences are mirrored back to us that match that frequency. You can see how keeping a high vibration is key to living the life you wish to have, drawing to you the experiences you dream of - eg. the career,  relationships etc. You have more power than you realise once you understand how energy and vibration works. In order to be fully aligned with our highest potential, we need to heal Mind, Body & Spirit as we are multi-dimensional. I provide Healing, Guidance & Teaching in a caring, non-judgemental space and I look forward to assisting you on your journey. 

Narelle Monteleone Holistic Healing 

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 Energy Healing Sessions - Reiki & Seichim 

Crystal Healing Sessions 

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

 Holistic Counselling Sessions

 Reiki Massage for Women


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Reiki Workshops

6 Week Beginner's Meditation Class 






Faeryfly  Candles

Magick Candles

Coloured candles infused with Reiki, Premium Fragrance & topped with Crystals, Herbs, Flowers & Essential Oils

Silver Candela

The fresh zingy fragrance of Lemongrass topped with Amber Crystals and Dried Lavender

Silver Candela

Topped with Crystals/Flowers/Herbs and infused with Premium Fragrance Oils and the gentle healing energy of Reiki

Tea Lights

Various fragrances and toppers available in packs of 4 or 6 Tea-Lights 

Glass Candela 

Topped with Crystals/Herbs/Flowers or completely plain. The choice is yours. These come in a wide range of Premium Fragrances, and all infused with Reiki Energy

Frosted Jars

Frosted Large Jar with Celestite Point and Lodolite Crystal - Vanilla Scented

And into the forest I go, To lose my mind and find my soul  ~ John Muir

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