"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin ~ Tony Robbins

We all experience challenges in order to grow - to evolve. They move us in the direction of our Life's Purpose, learning the lessons we agreed to learn along the way.  These challenges come in so many different forms and can have very little impact upon us or can be extremely difficult.  Stress, Anxiety and Trauma is the result from the impact of these experiences which may then manifest as illness within our physical bodies.


Healing ourselves is a part of this journey and maintaining balance is important - that is in Mind, Body & Spirit. The beliefs we have about who we are dictate the life we currently lead. The thoughts we have are mirrored back to us and draw to us the experiences that match that particular vibration. You can see how keeping a high vibration is key to living the life you wish to have. To move forward, be happy and live our purpose, we must be free of the past and be living in the present.


Through Holistic Guidance Sessions, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Meditation & Oracle Card Readings, I provide Guidance, Relaxation and Healing in a safe and nurturing space. Together, we are able to bring forward what needs to be released, and to assist you in regaining balance and direction and the life you desire. I am currently providing my Sessions Online via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. Click below to Book a Session or Email me for more details. 

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Holistic Guidance Sessions

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Reiki Massage 

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Learn Reiki 



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Energy Healing

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Awaken your Intuition 

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Card Readings 

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For Mediumship Readings

For Mediumship Readings & Life Path Readings please contact Remo Monteleone via remomonteleone@gmail.com or Visit @remomonteleonepsychicmedium Facebook Page 

For House Clearings, Mediumship Readings & Life Path Readings please contact Nantah Ensom via www.nantahspiritualschool.org


And into the forest I go, To lose my mind and find my soul 


~ John Muir

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