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Purple Smoke

Receive what you need at this time as you are Guided through a Meditation, Healing & Channelling. Held via Zoom Wednesday 1st December 7pm (Sydney, NSW, Australia Time)

For international timezones check www.timeanddate.com
Cost is $15.00 Aud

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Channelling Meditation

1st Dec 21
On Zoom
Purple Smoke

Begin your healing journey with the gentle healing energy of Reiki

Level 1 to Master Attunements 

1:1 in person or via Zoom

Reiki Level 1

Purple Smoke

Access your intuition and begin to trust those gut feelings to navigate your way through life more easily. Learn various modalities to enhance your spiritual growth and tap into your psychic abilities

Purple Smoke

Group Workshops or 1:1 

Reiki Master/Teacher Level