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Attending a Reiki Workshop and being Attuned to the Reiki Energy is the beginning of a journey into healing not only yourself but all who cross paths with you. You see, as your energy changes through Reiki, you will have an impact on the world that you may not have realised. As you change, it affects those around you. If you're feeling positive, this filters out to your immediate environment.


Reiki is great for healing ourselves, our family, our pets, friends, plants - anything you can think of really. It also heals the Earth. Reiki is handed down via Attunements and Teachings from Reiki Master Teacher to Student.


Reiki is not religious therefore can be utilised by anyone who feels drawn to use it and who wishes to assist in the healing of others. Reiki is very powerful and a catalyst for spiritual growth. It is known to open you up to your Intuitive abilities aswell. 

I provide Workshops From Reiki Level 1 up to Reiki Master Teacher Level. 


  • Reiki Level 1 @$250.00  


  • Reiki Level 2 @$300.00


  • Reiki Master/Master Teacher - (2 Levels in One) @$777.00

Reiki Workshops are held in my Home Clinic in Merrylands, Sydney, NSW, Australia



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Seichim Workshops

Seichim also known as Sekhem or SKHM is an Ancient Egyptian Healing modality that is a hands on healing. It facilitates transformation and opens your heart further enabling you to assist others even more. There are many benefits to becoming attuned to Seichim and it is wonderful used alone or in conjunction with other healing modalities such as Reiki. I almost always use Reiki & Seichim together for I feel it creates a more balanced healing bringing the masculine and feminine energies together. 

Seichim, like Reiki can also be sent via distance so there are no limits as to how you can assist in the healing of others aswell as the planet as a whole once you are attuned to Seichim. 

Seichim is a powerful energy so it is necessary to be attuned to Reiki Level 2 as a pre-requisite for this workshop. 

Seichim attunements can be done one on one or in a group. Attunements are held in Merrylands, Sydney and you receive:




Morning Tea & Lunch




There are 2 levels in Seichim as follows:

  • Seichim Level 1 @$250.00

  • Seichim Master Level @$350.00

Seichim Workshops are held in my home clinic in Merrylands, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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