And into the forest I go, To lose my mind and find my soul 


~ John Muir

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Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is a gentle non-invasive form of healing that is very relaxing and has a myriad of benefits. As Reiki is energy, you are able to receive it from the comfort of your own home. 


We provide In-Person Sessions and Distance Sessions. Receiving Reiki is a wonderful way to de-stress and relax as the energy flows to where it is needed most using the body's own healing mechanisms to function more effectively. Some of the benefits of a Reiki session are: 

  • Reduced Anxiety

  • Improving focus and concentration

  • Balancing Chakras

  • Heightening self-awareness and Intuition

  • Aiding relaxation 

  • Spiritual growth

There are so many more benefits that Reiki offers and each person will experience something different.

30 Min Session @$50.00 in person

1 Hr Session @$95.00 in person

20 Min Session @$20.00 via distance (available anywhere in the world)


Seichim is an Ancient form of Energy Healing. Similar to Reiki but Feminine in it's energy, it is great used alone or in conjunction with Reiki.  


It is a "All Love" Energy and is about Balance, Harmony & Unconditional Love. Seichim is a 'Hands On' Healing and each session is 30 Minutes. Seichim is a powerful energy and some of the benefits are: 

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Accelerated personal growth

  • Clarity and improved focus

  • Increased love for self and others

  • Increased creativity 

30 Minute Session @$50.00 in person

1 Hr Session @$95.00 in person

20 Minute Session @$20.00 via distance 

Crystal Healing

A beautifully relaxing 1 Hour Energy Healing Session combining the energies of Reiki, Seichim and Crystal Healing in one.


Reiki and Seichim compliment one another really well and are a wonderful balance of the masculine and feminine energies. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing and are powerful amplifiers of energy. Throughout the session I will place various crystals on your body where needed.


In person sessions only.

1 Hr @$85.00

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