Reiki Treatment
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Usui Reiki is based on the traditional teachings of Dr Mikao Usui and is beneficial for everyone from babies to the elderly. Reiki is a gentle energy, very relaxing and very effective for reducing stress and anxiety.  Everything is energy so it is not necessary to be in the same location to benefit from a session.  Reiki is healing on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and will go where it is most needed as it has its own innate ability. Reiki makes adjustments to your energy which has a flow on affect. As a Reiki Master Teacher I also provide Attunements in Reiki for those who feel drawn to healing.  There are some common experiences that clients have during a Reiki session however it is a very individual experience and varies greatly.  Available in person, via zoom or by distance.



Seichim is an Ancient Egyptian method of healing that I offer as an in person session, via zoom or by distance. It is a hands on energetic healing incorporating Egyptian symbols and inviting in the goddess energy so it is very much a feminine energy. It works well to balance out Reiki's masculine energy and for this reason I often combine the two modalities. It is necessary to have received Reiki before trying Seichim as it is a powerful healing that can be a bit too ungrounding for your first healing.