Holistic Healing Sessions

Updated: Feb 23

Relaxing - Healing - Empowering

The Only Impossible Journey is the One you Never Begin ~ Tony Robbins

Are you experiencing Stress, Anxiety, or holding on to past events that have been weighing you down for far too long?

A Holistic Guidance Session will enable you to feel completely relaxed and assist you in releasing what has been preventing you from living your best life. When we are stuck in the past, we cannot be in the present which is the only place we can take the right action that leads us to the life we truly desire. Healing, forgiving ourselves, others and loving ourselves unconditionally is what is required to be happy, healthy and whole. It all starts with you.

A Holistic Guidance Session incorporates a variety of modalities including Meditation, Energy Healing, Crystals, Oracle Cards etc along with a nurturing space to gain clarity on how to move through what is holding you back or weighing you down. We will strategize as to what your next steps might be in order to begin moving toward the life you envision.

Cost: - $150 @1.5 Hrs.

I am passionate about helping others to become the best version of themselves through Meditation, Energy Healing and Spiritual Development.

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