Meditation & Intuition Classes

Meditation is a life changer. It relaxes you, it eases Stress and Anxiety, lowers your Heart Rate and has a multitude of health benefits. It is also a powerful tool for creating what you wish to bring into your life and to raise your energetic vibration. As we attract what we are, it is vital that we work on healing ourselves from anything that has had an impact on us in our lives. Meditation teaches us how to become more mindful - that is becoming more present. In the present moment everything is as it should be. If you take life from this perspective of moment to moment, there is no stress, there is no depression and there is no worry or Anxiety.


Meditation also increases your Creativity and Awareness as it is a time of calm, of peace and in our busy lives we may miss the opportunity to sit, breathe and listen to our Intuition. Our Intuition is the compass we all have to help us navigate our way through life. The more we listen to it, the better decisions we make and the easier life will flow and come into balance.


I provide Meditation & Intuition Classes which is Guided Meditation and Intuitive Development Practice. We learn about Psychometry, Energy, Spirit Guides, Angels, Chakras, Mindfulness, Clair Senses and more.

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