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Narelle Monteleone | Living your Purpose Course

Living your Purpose

Manifesting through Energetic Alignment 

Techniques to rebalance your energy, let go of the past and create the future that you have been wishing for!

Be guided through Video, Audio and Written Content to a new way of living and creating when you let go of what you no longer need to carry and implement new strategies to bring all that you desire into your reality! 

If you have tried Manifesting in the past without result then you may have missed a key component. Energy is the key to aligning with your best life!!

This Course is accessed via an Online Portal 


Includes a 1:1 x 1 Hr Session with Narelle 

$333 Aud


  • What is Manifesting?

  • The Law of Attraction Vs The Law of Vibration

  • Life Purpose

  • Journal Prompts

  • Healing the past

  • Energy

  • Practices to Raise your Vibration

  • Mindfulness

  • Visualisation

  • Energetic Hygiene

  • De-cluttering

  • Gratitude

  • Belief Systems

  • The Divine Feminine

  • Money

  • Vision Boards

  • Crystal Grids

  • Journalling

  • The Akashic Records

  • The 21 Day Challenge


As you journey through the contents of this Course, you will learn to consistently work on raising your energy in order to align with your goals and highest potential. 

Manifesting what we desire comes down to alignment - creating harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit. Energy is a key factor as we will ultimately attract to us, what we are, as our energy is changing all the time based on our perception of the world, our thoughts and emotions. 

There is more to Manifesting than what you might think. Yes, we need to visualise and believe we already have what we are wanting to Manifest, but does our energy reflect that also?

As a Holistic Counsellor, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Channel I draw on my own experiences and knowledge through studying a variety of modalities to bring you Courses, Classes, Workshops, Ebooks and Sessions for Healing and Transformation. 

It is my wish for you to access your inner wisdom and step into your power in order to create all that your soul desires.

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