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Light Language Activations - Narelle Monteleone

Light Language is a form of expression that brings through codes in spoken word, hand movements, dance, artwork, tones and more.

It is a powerful form of energy work that shifts what you no longer need to carry and rebalances, recalibrates and raises your vibration. It activates DNA, bringing online more of your multidimensionality and is a loving expression that comes from the heart and is understood on a soul level. It bypasses the ego mind and goes directly to your essence. 

Light Language speaks to the soul through written words, art, mudras, dance, spoken words, tones, singing, body and hand movements and is something that is within all of us should we wish to access it. Light Language is all about frequency and vibration as with all types of energy work and is an amazing healing tool that can bring through entire blocks of information through a single word or sound. Light Language is accessible through pure intention and many Starseeds are opening up to their own unique Light Language as the acceleration of awakening occurs. 

To those not yet on the path of Awakening it can seem strange to hear Light Language as it is not unlike hearing a foreign language, but one you would never have heard before and through watching or listening to Light Language or receiving Light Codes into your energy field you will definitely feel the power of them. 

Light Language can come through from the Elementals such as fairies or from star beings, singular or collectives, Earthly Light Language and beings from inner Earth and more. 

To Book your personalised Light Language Healing and Activation Recorded and Emailed to your Inbox 

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