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Narelle Monteleone | Light Language


Light Language is very powerful for healing and activation. Listening or watching Light Language is an activation of your own Light Language along with it activating more of your DNA, upgrading your energy and opening you up to more of your true authenticity. 

Light Language are codes of Light that are brought through to provide you with what you most need at the time of receiving. I express Light Language through spoken words, tones, hand gestures and song. 

Light Language Transmissions are brought forward at this time to support the collective - to provide healing and upliftment, to activate those ready to awaken and step into the next phase of their soul's evolution. 

I bring through a variety of Light Languages and it is not necessary for us to understand it as our soul recognises it as it transcends the thinking mind. Trying to attach meaning to it is a human construct that is all about us maintaining control, so I ask that you relax, let go and open your heart, trusting that you will receive what you need for your highest good. Light Language is accessible to everyone once you set the intention for it to be activated and you are in the right energy for it to come forth. 

I bring through Light Language as part of my Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions if that is what you need at that time. 

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