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Flower Essence Practitioner Narelle Monteleone

Flower Essences are vibrational essences that bring us back into balance. 

Flower Essences are a safe and easy way to treat a variety of imbalances and there is a flower essence for any type of imbalance you may be experiencing. It is my belief that Flower Essences are even more effective when used in conjunction with other forms of healing or spiritual practices such as Meditation, EFT (Tapping), Energy Work, Yoga and so on. 

If you are feeling that you need support in any area of your life Flower Essences may benefit you. I provide Flower Essence Consultations upon request to determine what essence/s will be most suitable for your needs. I love creating essences and am always in awe of the magic nature provides. 

If you are already familiar with the Australian Bush Flower Essences and know what essence you need you can purchase them from my Online Store Earthly Energies.

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