Energy Healing

Reiki and Seichim can be given individually or combined depending on your requirements. During an Energy Healing Session you may experience sensations of cold or warmth in your hands or feet, you may feel energy moving through your body, you may be aware of energy within the space you are in, you may see colours, you may see images, or you might not feel any of those things.


We are all different and in turn experience something different. Whatever happens for you, is right for you and it does not matter if you feel the energy or not, as it always flows to where it is most needed within your body.


Within our physical bodies are Energy Centres known as Chakras and each Chakra relates to certain areas of our lives, aswell as organs in our physical body, so they can become unbalanced if our lives are not in balance, or in alignment.


Energy Healing Sessions enable the energy to flow and the chakras to spin as they should which creates more of a harmonious environment on all levels - Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. 

Throughout the Session I will be noting down anything of relevance that we can discuss at the conclusion, along with drawing some Oracle Cards for additional guidance. 

In Person Sessions are held in Merrylands, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Distance Sessions are available worldwide via Messenger/Zoom/Skype/Wattsapp/Text

Cost - 45 Mins @$60 in Person - 45 Mins @$60 for Distance Healings 


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