Channeling & Light Language 

Light Language is to be felt with an openness that transcends one's need to understand it's meaning. ~ Narelle Monteleone 

Light Language is an expression of love, of healing and of activation via frequency. Light Language comes through as words, sounds, hand movements, mudras or dance. It is very individual in the way it comes through and it will vary from channel to channel and depending on where the Light Language is connected to. For example Light Language may be connected to different Star Systems and each will have it's own frequency. Light Language heals, shifts and activates that which is already within you and you may find that you begin speaking or expressing Light Language yourself as a result. 

Channeling, like Light Language comes through the channel and can do so in a few different ways. Indirect Channeling is when you will hear the channel say 'they're saying this or they want me to tell you that'. Direct Channeling is allowing the Guide or Being to speak through you. They are nearby and the channel will be speaking word for word what is coming through. Trance Channeling is allowing the Guide or Being to completely merge with the channel, the channel steps aside and the being will speak directly to you. 

My Sessions incorporate Indirect and Direct Chanelling.

My Light Language Sessions are expressed through hand movements, spoken word and sound. 

Cost is $111.00 AUD