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BQH Practitioner Narelle Monteleone

Beyond Quantum Healing known as BQH is a regression style session that takes you into the subconscious to heal and to bring clarity to situations through gaining answers about any area of your life

In a BQH Session you will be led into a deep meditative state where you are awake but very relaxed and receptive so that you are open to receive answers. BQH is a journey that will take you wherever you need to go to heal, to gain clarity around a situation and to discover more about YOU!

Some clients remain in this lifetime through this journey and others will find themselves connecting with lifetimes on other planets or other Earthly lifetimes. We are multidimensional! I am with you every step of the way as we connect via zoom and you relax in the comfort and familiarity of your own space.

Beyond Quantum Healing was birthed by Candace Craw-Goldman, who worked closely with Dolores Cannon for many years with her QHHT Sessions. BQH only differs from QHHT session in that QHHT is an in person session only - BQH can be conducted Online and BQH allows for more flexibility, drawing upon other modalities to support the client in the best way possible. 

"BQH focuses upon energy, intuition, intention and heart over mechanics, procedures and strict rules. It is the ONLY method in use by healers today of which I am aware that says please modify to your liking and be creative! The only rule is to keep the health and well-being of the client in mind at all times." ~ Candace Craw Goldman 

Your session is held via zoom and you will receive a recording to listen back to your session as it is common not to have recognition of what you have experienced. Listening back provides for integration of the information and healing you have received and it can be beneficial to have a follow up session after your session to discuss what you experienced and to receive additional guidance. Your follow up session if you decide to have one is a 1 Hr BQH Follow up @$111 Aud.

I love that BQH is intuitive and allows for practitioners to draw upon all they have learned to be brought into a session, which is the wholistic approach that I align with. Adhering to strict rules and guidelines feels very restrictive to me and as each of us are unique it makes sense that different techniques and modalities will be necessary for each person. 

Sessions are generally 2Hrs plus, but may be longer so be sure to allow up to an additional hour or so extra in the event your session is longer. There is no additional charge for the extra time. 

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