Beyond Quantum Healing 

"BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all; flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals, this method recognizes and celebrates each unique perspective." Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing brings together all modalities into one transformative session. Beyond Quantum Healing or BQH as it is commonly known is similar to Dolores Cannon's QHHT Sessions however what sets them apart is the option to offer this session both In person and Via Distance. Everything is energy so there is no need to be in the same space to receive the amazing healing benefits of BQH, although some do prefer the in person experience and I do provide both options to clients.  

We are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience at this time and as we may have lived many many lives besides this incarnation, we have had many varied experiences that in one way or another have an impact on us right now. It can account for fears and phobias, of repeating patterns and feeling stuck in certain areas of our lives. 

A Beyond Quantum Healing Session is a process not unlike hypnotherapy in which you will be led through a deep meditative process to relax you and to access your subconscious for healing and growth. 

In my BQH Sessions I will incorporate Meditation, Energy Healing, Light Language, Channelling, Oracle Cards & Sound along with accessing the Akashic Records while intuitively guiding you through what is your journey to be discovered in the best way for you. I am purely a guide to support you along the way. 

Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions are most effective when intentions have been set prior to the session so we will have a short discussion a few days before your Session to ensure we are both setting intentions of what you are hoping to receive from the session. Of course what you think you need and what you truly need can be very different so it's important to release any expectation and be in a state of openness.

Sessions from start to finish are generally 3 - 4 Hrs in duration but it's advisable to set aside some extra time as it can run over time. 

We will discuss your session and do an Oracle Card Reading to complete the session aswell as a short grounding to bring you back into the present moment. 


Cost is $444.00 AUD