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Introduction to Spiritual Development 


Do you want to learn practices that will teach you how to access your psychic abilities, tap into your intuition in order to make better decisions for yourself and to gain a better understanding of energy? 

$55 Aud

This Course is my foundational course for learning techniques that I have been using for several years now since experiencing my own Spiritual Awakening. You will learn how to raise your energetic vibration, incorporate mindfulness techniques and self love into the everyday clearing the pathway to connecting with your intuitive abilities, spirit guides and teachers and opening up a whole new world of opportunities and knowledge to support you on your ascension path. 


  • Intuition

  • Energetic Hygiene

  • De - Cluttering Checklist

  • Energy Clearing Technique

  • Chakras

  • Self Healing

  • Connecting with your Spirit Team

  • Channeling

  • Light Language 

  • Affirmations

  • Divination Tools

  • Connecting with the Crystal Devas

  • Activations

  • Third Eye Meditation Practice

  • Code of Ethics

Open up to a whole new world of magic and light as you raise your vibration, step out of the old and into the new with practical techniques that create a grounded way forward as you journey through your awakening to higher levels of self.

I will be your guide through the 'Introduction to Spiritual Development' Course. This is a short course to provide what you need to get you started on your journey back to self. All we need resides within, though accessing it can take a bit of practice. We might have some fear around it, or just unsure how to proceed. That is exactly why I created this course. I know through my experiences what it feels like to go through an awakening, to feel drawn to various modalities and trying to figure out what was right for me. 

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