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As a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Channel I provide a space of healing, guidance and activation for you to transform 

Narelle Monteleone Holistic Practitioner

I have been sharing Spiritual Development knowledge and providing Sessions and Workshops since 2016. My mission is to teach, uplift and empower you to access your intuitive abilities in order to live a more soul led life, to hold space for you to heal and to assist you in shifting old patterns and belief systems that have prevented you from stepping more fully into your mission. I love to teach about all things mystical and magical and to bring through transmissions from our galactic families supporting humanity as we evolve into higher levels of ascension.

In 2014 I experienced an Awakening that has taken me on a journey of healing and self discovery. Awakening, from my perspective, whether it be Kundalini or Spiritual is a pivotal moment in which we are triggered and awaken from the reality we have always known. I began having Psychic and Mediumship experiences as my energy was changing. 

Prior to my awakening I had started to meditate on a daily basis to reduce stress and anxiety which created the perfect foundation for the teachings I would be led to. I started with Reiki, incorporating it with meditation daily for relaxation, to calm my anxiety and to raise my energetic frequency. Anxiety can be due to sensitivity to energy which I had experienced since childhood. Sometimes what we feel are our emotions are in fact someone elses, and as sensitive people we can take it on as our own. As I continued self healing and meditating regularly I started to release energy that was no longer aligning with who I was. As I continued to raise my vibration I was able to access more of my inner mystic, listening to my intuitive nudges and taking action on what I was receiving. 

Shortly after becoming attuned to Reiki Level 1 I started attending a Spiritual Development Circle, where I gained a lot of knowledge on a wide range of spiritual topics. I continued my healing journey becoming an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Seichim Master.

I knew I wanted to help others and through Reiki and Seichim along with Holistic Counselling & Massage I began offering Sessions and Classes in Healing and Spiritual Development. I have added further modalities to my offerings including Light Language Healing & Activations, Channeling and Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions. I now run Workshops and Women's Circles and love the connection that is brought about when women reconnect with their soul sisters. 

I have created Courses, Sessions, Workshops and Ebooks to guide you on your unique journey of ascension and I look forward to connecting with you. 



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