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Narelle Monteleone Retreats from 2024

My Workshops and Retreats cater for women who need some time out to relax and rebalance and for those on a journey looking for change, new beginnings or complete transformation.

When we create the space to give back to ourselves and reconnect with our inner guidance, the Universe conspires to bring us exactly what it is we need. 


There is nothing like it. A gathering of like minded women ready to give back to themselves. Some may be feeling burnt out, others may already know the importance of regular time out from the everyday stresses of the world and some feeling the call to try something new - to get out of their comfort zone and allow their intuition to lead them exactly where they need to be for a time. 

This could be a Workshop running for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, a Day Retreat or a One Night or Weekend Retreat to Relax, Rebalance and Reconnect.

I have been teaching & attuning students to Reiki since 2020 along with running regular Meditation, Spiritual Development and Womens Classes and Circles. It feels so natural to me to support women on their journey of healing and tapping into the innate abilities we each have. You may not think you do, however we are all intuitive and given the space to reconnect in with our inner mystic, we allow ourselves the opportunity to be soul led and to hear, feel, see or know the next steps on our journey.  

For updates on Reiki Workshops, Meditation & Spiritual Development Classes & Retreats be sure to Subscribe to my Website and Follow my Social Media Pages.




Goddess Workshop with Narelle Monteleone
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